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    Who is suitable for Liposuction?

    Patients may choose to undergo Liposuction for cosmetic reasons or others may have a need for the procedure out of health issues. Liposution can be done to loose unwanted fat on many part of the body for Aesthetic reasons or it can be preffered by patient who had accessive fat after pragnancy or weight loss.

    Will there be scar visible after Liposuction?

    All surgical procedures which involve incision and cutting will result in visible scarring on the skin. However, Liposuction does not have majot visible scars because there is no incision but a mere 1 cm incision through which the tube is incerted.

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    As Health Point Clinic, we are trying to establish language and cultural communication with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and to provide two-way information exchange between patients and healthcare personnel. Health Point Clinic, which provides services in Medical Aesthetics, Hair Transplantation, Dental Health, Plastic Surgery and many different health issues, provides services in many areas from planning, accommodation and transfer of the most appropriate treatment for patients. It is a company that manages the patient’s process from the beginning to the end of the treatment in the best way and is based on patient satisfaction.

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