FUE hair transplantation method is the most advanced technique among hair transplantation methods recently. This method is based on taking the appropriate hair follicles from the nape area and processing them into the hair root. Moreover, no incision is made while the hair follicles taken from the nape are taken. Hair follicles are taken under suitable conditions with the help of micromotors.

Fue hair transplantation method has more comfort than other transplantation methods. Especially after hair transplantation, the absence of any incision marks in the transplantation area is seen as a great comfort for the patients. In addition, redness or pain seen in other methods are very rare in fue hair transplantation method.

Before hair transplantation, the direction of the hair follicles and the donor area are determined correctly. Hair follicles and follicles are taken from the nape area with the help of very small micro motors with an incision tip of 0.6 mm-0.8 mm. The hair follicles taken are planted in the hair structure according to the direction of the roots. Thus, the planting process is completed in a very short time. The most important point during purchase and planting; to damage any hair tissue through the opened channels.

After Fue hair transplantation, our patients are discharged if our specialists deem it appropriate. Our specialists perform all necessary examinations both during and after hair transplantation. Particular attention is paid to what the patient should pay attention to.

Care should be taken to get the most efficiency from hair transplantation and not to experience hair loss. Especially the first 48 hours after the procedure is very important. For this reason, it is not considered appropriate to wash the hair for the first time or to make any interventions for 48 hours. If there is an intervention to be made, expert support should be sought.

The biggest mistake in Fue hair transplantation; is that hair transplantation is a suitable method only for men. Our company and our experts serve not only men but also women in this regard. Especially in women, these operations are more successful and productive results are obtained.

Hair loss or sparseness is not only experienced in men. Hair loss is also experienced in women due to hormones, diseases or genetic conditions. In these cases, the most correct intervention is the fue hair transplant technique. This method is easily applied to men and women without any gender discrimination.

Fue hair transplantation method is generally effective on people who experience hair loss. In addition, people with sparse hair or those who experience permanent hair loss can also benefit from this method.